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#Officefortheday Pre-Order push!

Hello friends!

On February 14th, 2016 – three days before I left for Navy Basic training – I brought The Tyler Mire Big Band into the studio. With only five hours we managed to record eight new compositions we had been performing regularly in the preceding months. What happened was an inspiring performance from the band.

I then said goodbye to Kelsey and took a flight to Chicago where I began a very fun 8 weeks at Recruit Training Command… While in basic training I communicated with Kelsey through letters and phone calls. With Jeff Coffin’s help, she was able to get the remaining flute parts recorded.

After graduating from basic, I moved to the DC area. The album was worked on when I could find time and money. I was able to come back to Nashville two times (Summer 2016, Feb 2017) to do some mixing with the great Brendan Harkin. I’m happy to announce that I am finally in a position to get this done by the fall.

I am now opening the album up for pre-order of two reasons:

1. So fans can get mixes and goodies early.
2. To help fund the expensive post-production of an album.

By donating a “mire” $15 bucks you can pre-order our CD.

What you get:

-CD when it comes out
Signed and mailed to you!

-Get access to a private Soundcloud playlist of the entire album right away!
Be the coolest kid on the block while you listen in your Beats by Dr. Dre.

-Name in liner notes

(Liner notes from Movin’ Day. This could be YOU!)

-Videos of the session
Wanna see us in action? I’ll cut and splice some video clips from the session and post them for you all to see.

-Photos of the session and live gigs
Photos by the great Graham Gerdeman from our Feburary 14th session and Feb 15th final Family Wash performance.

-Other goodies such as Scores, Mockups and misc things

Convinced? Click the button below!

You can also support the TMBB by buying our first two CDs:
Tyler Mire Big Band – Enter the Atmosph-Mire
Tyler Mire Big Band – Movin’ Day

Or you could buy some charts, which are available on my site here or on Maxwell Tree Music. In the coming weeks I will be adding the newest charts to my online store. Stay tuned!

All donations, CD sales and Chart sales will go directly to the 3rd album’s post production fund.

Thank you all! And now I’ll leave you with a sampler of the coming CD. I hope you enjoy our new recording, #Officefortheday.

Tyler Mire Big Band Supporters:
1. Dave & Lisa Pickford
2. Shawn Purcell
3. Jerry Cerchia
4. Bill Collins
5. Jeffrey Clawson
6. Noel Bryant
7. Jim Mooy
8. Barry Caudill
9. James Morris
10. Bill Dunn
11. Paula Weaver
12. Justin Pierce
13. William Fisher
14. David Cunningham
15. Rob Wendland
16. Danny Jones
17. Jan Zawada
18. Emmanuel Echem
19. Stephen Pickford
20. Chris Lawell
21. Ed Grooms
22. Robert Hiers
23. Carrie Bailey
24. Mark Brannon
25. Allen Miller
26. Garrett Faccone
27. Mary Ellen Aurelius
28. Dale Scherzer
29. Steven Wilcox
30. Rebekah and Michael Miller
31. Michael J Barry
32. Broner McCoy
33. Thomas Davis
34. Casey Brefka