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Miles of Shades

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Presenting “Miles of Shades” from Lab 2012. An exciting new way of experiencing our music. Composed by One O’Clock students Jenny Kellogg, Aaron Hedenstrom,Tyler Mire, and animated by UNT Visual Arts student Peter Rand, this is a cutting-edge example of what modern jazz can do with imagery. Consider it a “jazz fantasia” and enjoy the amazing graphic realization with the brilliant writing!

“Miles of Shades”

1. “Code in 12/8” composed by Jenny Kellogg
2. “New York at Night” composed by Aaron Hedenstrom
3. “Miles Away” composed by Tyler Mire

Visual Realization: Peter Rand

The Lab 2012 One O’Clock Lab Band
Directed by Steve Wiest

Saxophones: Justin Pierce, Alex Fraille, Aaron Hedenstrom, Drew Zaremba, Spenser Liszt

Trombones: Kevin Hicks, Jenny Kellogg, Julie Gray, Jon Gauer, Sean Casey

Trumpets: Tyler Mire, Jake Boldman, Miranda George, Jordan Gheen, Miles Johnson

Rhythm Section: Sean Giddings: piano, Greg Sadler: drums, Brian Ward: bass, William Flynn: guitar

This definitely was one of the more interesting projects I have ever taken part in. It was a unique challenge to write music that would hopefully inspire the artist, rather than scoring music to a pre-made picture. I had gotten my piece done a little late in the game because at the time I was preparing for my Graduate Oral Exam and my recital. Luckily, I was able to hear Jenny and Aaron’s movements first and use material and inspiration from their music. I hope the inspiration is subtle, but I definitely tried to end the piece with the direction they were going. I am absolutely thrilled at the final result and thank Steve Wiest for having the vision to do something like this!