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Tyler Mire Big Band CD – PreOrder Push!

Hello friends!

The Tyler Mire Big Band has now gone and recorded our 2nd CD mainly thanks to your wonderful support through the pre-orders! We are now heading into a 2nd round of fundraising, aiming to raise $1000 by March!

My last project was funded by a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. However now I feel the need to go rogue and try a different approach. By donating a “mire” $15 bucks you can pre-order our CD.

What you get:
-CD when it comes out
-Hear mixes throughout the process
-Name in liner notes
-MP3s of first CD
-Rehearsal/Gig Recordings
-Other goodies such as Scores, Mockups and misc things

Get a sample of what’s to come! Plus you get the satisfaction to know your contribution helped make this project even better!

Of course, there are other ways to support this band with your hard earned money. You can buy our first CD at:
CD Baby
Pender’s Music

Or you could buy some charts, which are available on my site here or on Maxwell Tree Music

All donations, CD sales and Chart sales will go directly to the 2nd album’s recording and post production fund.

In the coming weeks and months I will post rehearsal recordings, gig videos, and band member features on our facebook page. If you like what you hear please consider supporting The Tyler Mire Big Band, which got glowing reviews like this and this.

Tyler Mire Big Band Supporters:
1. Chris Autry
2. Ryan Connors
3. Jeff Clawson
4. Bob Cook
5. Mark Del Villan
6. Richard Miller
7. Mary Ellen Aurelius
8. Adam Jensen
9. Dave and Lisa Pickford
10. Joseph Awad
11. Ross Mire
12. Chris Lawell
13. Justin Pierce
14. Jennipher Sheridan
15. Stephen Pickford

“30 in 30” Starting January 1st:

1. Jeff White
2. Paula Weaver
3. Joe Murphy
4. David Viglione
5. Thomas Davis
6. Darin Cochran
7. Josh Garlitz
8. Kurt Mire
9. Chris McDonald
10. John Angel
11. Jack Cooper
12. John Fisher
13. Tomas Tejeda
14. Sarah Rogers
15. Debbie Gaul
16. David Shipps
17. Chris Mike
18. Andrew Bezik
19. Paula Weaver
20. Lola Mire
21. Karen Taylor
22. Emmanuel Echem
23. Brett McDonald
24. Andrew Fowler
25. Steve Waller
26. Lee Marcum
27. Alex Hodge
28. Ray Langton
29. James Sonnentag
30. Abigail York

“Race to finish”:

1. Dale Scherzer
2. George Tidwell
3. Daniel Jones
4. Richard Cobb
5. Nick Cooper
6. James Drew
7. Bryant Jones
8. Matt Murdock
9. Lisa Taylor
10. Kyle Henry

“March to $1000”:

1. William Fisher
2. Jeremy Lappitt
3. Jerry Cerchia
4. Ed Grooms
5. Graham Gerdeman
6. Micah Bell
7. Robert Rhea
8. Joel Nadon
9. Daniel Keen
10. Jovan Quallo
11. Dave Hansen
12. Patrick Brassell
13. Steve Wilcox
14. Kota Fuji
15. Nick Haynes
16. Oscar Utterstrom
17. Kyle Cook
18. David Fait
19. Donna Vernardi
20. Matthew Schiessl
21. Katrina Elsnick
22. Garrett Faconne
23. Derek Molachek
24. Joshua Harner
25. Adam Smith
26. Andrew Francisco
27. Emily Nelson
28. Tim Wendorf
29. Diane Fuller
30. Barry Green
31. Spenser Liszt
32. Carissa Mire Lamkahouan

“Last Call”:

1. Gary Bo Clayton
2. Paul Birk
3. Chris West
4. Joe Awad, MD
5. Mark Spain