Lab 2012, Media Page, Oh My!

I have finally gotten around to updating the Media Page with a cleaner and more efficient use of SoundCloud playlists. I have organized the tracks into examples of my trumpet playing and compositions/arrangements. More clips can be found at my SoundCloud Page.

The 1:00 Band has just released our annual CD Project. Reflecting on my time in the 1:00 Band, I could have not asked for a better band to play with. Not only were they very high level musicians, but there were also great people. The band had a great chemistry that not only made the music fun, but being together fun. It was a very busy year with over three out of state tours and numerous other concerts. Lucky for us, we had a blast on the road and made some great stories. The band was committed to making music at the highest level at all times. We all wanted to make music that was our own as well. I think Lab 2012 will really show this, as more than half of the music was written by members of the band. I’m looking forward to seeing where all my band mates end up in the future. And I thank them for such a great experience!

Get Lab 2012!
Need more convincing to buy the album? Check out our Lab 2012 Montage.

Until next time.